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How Existing Customers Can Get a 20 Percent Bonus with the Fotolia Promo Code

fotolia-square-logoMost stock photo sites offer some kind of incentive for creating an account, to help lure in new customers and hopefully create lifelong buyers.  But with our exclusive Fotolia promo code, you can get a big discount on any purchase even if you are already an existing Fotolia customer.  Here’s how to use our exclusive StockPhotoSecrets promo code to get 20% off on your next Fotolia purchase, without the need of creating a new account!

Visit Our Unique Fotolia Landing Page

Thanks to our partnership with Fotolia, they have created a unique landing page for StockPhotoSecrets customers to get this exclusive 20% off deal.  Visit the landing page here in order to take the first step in claiming your discount with our Fotolia promo code.

  1. Look For the “Already a Member” Text

Once you’ve reached the exclusive landing page, look for the text that says “Already a member? No problem! Click HERE to receive 20% Bonus Credits on your next purchase.”  You should see this in the top right-hand corner of your screen.  If you don’t see this text, try signing into Fotolia from your member account and then revisiting our unique landing page in a new window.

  1. Browse Their Credit Pack Offerings

Fotolia has quite a few different options for “on demand” style credit packs, which you can find here.  As with most sites, the more credits you buy, the cheaper your images will be per photo.  Find a package that is right for your needs, and go ahead and enter payment information.  When you are checking out, a 20% discount will be applied to your transaction.

  1. Enjoy Your 20% Off Deal!


That’s really all you have to do to get 20% off of your next credit pack purchase from Fotolia, even if you are an existing member.  This deal won’t last too much longer, so be sure to redeem it as soon as you can.  Then, have some fun and download some of Fotolia’s great imagery, knowing that you got a great 20% off deal on all of the photos you purchase with your new credit pack.  Enjoy!

Fotolia and Adobe Stock


If you are a long time Fotolia member that hasn’t visited their site for awhile, you may notice an Adobe logo in the top right-hand side of Fotolia’s screens.  With the launch of Adobe Stock, Adobe now owns Fotolia.  But our Fotolia promo code is still active, and you can still browse their great library and get some great discounts on your credit pack purchases!