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Boost Your Productivity With Depositphotos Stock Photos

depositlogo-300x48With any stock photo service, the ability to find what you’re searching for is of paramount importance. Increasing productivity can be a challenge for many people. Indeed, the ability to convey abstract messages through an image seems like a daunting task. Is it possible? Let’s take a look at what terms you can search for through Depositphotos.

Concrete terms, such as a man having a meeting, are easy to find. It is the terms are not concrete that are difficult to convey. These are called abstract terms. What happens when you search DepositPhotos for an abstract term? I chose identity from the first search term. Identity is about who someone is and how we define them. Some of the search results for identity came up. Why showed a man who was holding up a picture of the blank face with a question mark on it in front of his own. Another one showed a face, but it had been edited so the face had no features. When your identity is taken, you may feel like you don’t have a face.


I searched for unity next, and I was not disappointed. The first picture showed for interlocking hands to create a network of sorts. There are many images showing hands and people who were united. I saw interlinking puzzle pieces, interlinks on chains and even the yin-yang symbol.

Third, I searched for common sense. Common sense is a little bit tougher than the others to convey the picture. I did see many pictures with the words, but I also saw some images that were able to express it without using the words common sense. One picture showed the word nonsense and how the pathway avoided it.


I can take any of these words, look up the definition in the dictionary, and spell it out for people. The concept that a picture is worth a thousand words is certainly applicable here. Stock photos have the ability to convey complex ideas without people having to explain in exquisite detail what they are trying to say. When you do that, you introduce a wall of text to users. It is very difficult to keep readers coming back to your blog if all you’re going to use is text. In this sense, not only do you make your text for engaging, but it makes you more productive. You can visit Stock Photo Secrets for depositphotos coupon code 2015.