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Photocase Review – the Secret of Creative Stock Photography

Stock photography has a middling reputation among bloggers, businesses and other people who need a constant stream of images for their websites. It is regarded as a basic option for lazy people who are willing to use images that have already been used by countless other people. In short, stock photography is not thought of as being a legitimate option for creative writers who want to use equally creative images to illustrate their work.

Photocase aims to change Stock Photography

photocase-logoPhotocase aims to change all of that. The Berlin company has curated a selective, evocative collection of arresting images. By keeping the gallery small, Photocase ensures that every single photograph makes a visceral statement. The photos were chosen not because they are generic enough to apply to just about any piece of writing, but because they have the power to enhance an already powerful message. Creative stock photos should be genuinely impressive images in their own right. I found through this Photocase review here on

Not just good stock photos – creative ones

A good stock photo is really just an image that can reliably conjure up a strong emotion in anyone who looks at it. Other image houses think that the key to stock photography is making sure that the photos lack specificity. They place people in front of blank backdrops and direct them to make a series of exaggerated expressions. Sometimes the models are photographed doing easily recognizable activities such as eating, doing yoga or working at a desk. The pictures are always heavily filtered, and the models never look completely convincing in their poses. The photos look like caricatures, not authentic stock images that could be used to honestly represent serious or complex ideas.  If PC is not for you, checkout my review of Depositphotos here.’s impressive collection


Photocase reviews prove just how impressive the company’s collection is. Even though the business’ headquarters is located in Berlin, the pictures are relevant to all ways of life in every part of the world. The pictures in the gallery depict real moments that were captured as they were happening. They do not have the false sense of being planned or posed that permeates so much typical stock photography. These photos elevate moods. Sometimes they even set the stage for certain emotions before an article is read.

Creative stock photos are augmentative tools. Though many people view them as rote illustrations that literally depict the content of an article, good writers are able to choose pictures that accomplish more than that. They know how to select pictures that amplify their messages, even if the pictures are not specific illustrations of their written content. Photocase caters to these writers, whose use of authentic stock images inspires the company’s curators to continue seeking out unconventional images. They want to do right by their writer customers, who depend on them to provide them with pictures that are worthy of their work. One does not have to be a photographer himself to understand the value of strong photography as a reflection of good writing.

Photocase Review Conclusion

Photocase reviews praise the house for presenting clients with images that are actually representative of real life. Obviously they are more stylized versions of reality, but the point is that writers are able to see their life experiences reflected in these pictures. That component is vital when a writer is setting about to choose one or two pictures to help him convey what he is trying to say. Writers trust this company to provide them with the best images for their most emotional and significant pieces for a reason. No other online gallery contains stock photos that feel so much like candid, once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Buy Photos from Depositphotos like a Pro

depositlogo-300x48Depositphotos is a great place to purchase photos at an affordable price. The photos provided are royalty-free, stock images that are available for purchase, and they can come in handy for many creative pieces. From adding photos to your written content to creating postcards for your loved ones, Depositphotos is the perfect place to shop for any image.

Images Available Through the Site


There are thousands of images to choose from on the site, so you pretty much have the cream of the crop selection at your fingertips. Some of the photos genres that are included are birthday, greeting card, horizon, wildlife, special occasion and so more. While that is a short list of the photos offered, there are many more to choose from. The best part is that there are more photos uploaded all of the time. If you are looking for something specific, give it a little time because it might be uploaded before you know it. With the selection of photo options that is available to customers, you will be able to buy stock photos like a pro.

Available Purchasing Options


DP has four purchasing options available:

  • Monthly Subscription:For one small fee, you can purchase your monthly limit of photos every month. The fee is substantially lower than that charged through other purchasing plans, but the plan may require additional information.
  • Daily Subscription: This plan has costs a little bit more than the monthly plan, but it is great if you are looking for a specific number of photos, and you will not need the service afterwards. Refer to the Terms of Service for any additional information that you may need.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Subscription: With this purchasing plan, the user will purchase a specific number of credits. The credits can be used for redemption of any photo at any time. The credit system is a little more costly than the two previous plans, but it is more cost effective if you only need one photo.
  • Customize Your Package Option: There are no set rules to this method of purchasing. By contacting DP, you will be able to work with them on devising a purchasing plan that is right for you.

With so many different purchasing options, you will be able to easily buy stock photos in a timely and stress-free manor.

Depositphotos Review

Upon using this site, the best Depositphotos review that I can give is that it is an amazing place to buy pictures that will not have any royalty fees connected to them. Since you are purchasing the photos, you are also purchasing the rights to the photos. You will not have to panic if someone asks you where the photo came from because the rights to it will be yours. The site is absolutely amazing for people who wish to buy pictures like a pro.

Their Photoshop Extension

They also have a Photoshop extension which you can check in the following video or here on Youtube.

About the Company

The company was founded in 2009 in Florida. Since then, it has managed to acquire clients from more than 192 countries. There are customer support representatives can direct callers and online chatters to someone who speaks one of 14 common worldwide languages. The company allows clients to buy and sell photos, videos and vector images. With customer satisfaction being their number one priority, the company has many customer satisfaction guarantees and stipulations attached to their site.

Commonly Asked Questions

Some of the more common questions pertain to whether or not cookies should be enabled through the site. Yes, cookies need to be enabled. Another frequently asked question is if a user can have multiple accounts. Users can have two accounts. One account is a purchasing account, and the other account is a selling account. Both accounts are subject to the account’s Terms of Service Agreement.

Depositphotos has a great FAQ page that is easily located on their page. If you have any further question and/or concerns, feel free to take a look. If your question or concern is not addressed there, you are welcome to use the “Live Chat” feature or even give them a call.