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Get Depositphotos Free Download Here

Are you looking for your potential primary stock photo source? You may have considered many stock sites already. Some of them have large libraries, while others have very low pricing and plans. What if we tell you that Depositphotos offers both? Yes, the stock photo site has over 60 million stock files in its collection. You will surely find what you are looking for with their easy-to-navigate interface.

The pricing also sets them apart from the competition. You can choose to purchase images through credits or subscription plans.

  • Purchased in pre-packages, credits allow you to purchase images in small numbers. Many credit packs are available in the stock site. The minimum starts at $10 for 10 credits. If you want to purchase an extended license, you can only do it with image credits.
  • Depositphotos offer a very low initial subscription option at $19 for a 3-day subscription that comes with 30 images. Their plans are cheap and requires little investment. The best deal comes with 150 images for the price of $59 per month only. When you subscribe to the stock site, you gain bonuses that gives you Depositphotos free download.

If you are looking for a primary stock image source, you should check out the stock site. New members are offered a 7-day Free Trial, so you can gauge if the stock agency meets your creative needs and budget. Sign up for the website and get Depositphotos free download through this link.

Depositphotos is one of the top stock photo agencies in the market because of their large library and affordable pricing. You don’t have to worry about quality either, because the site has high quality licenses stock images, graphics, vectors and even videos. They have support in 20 languages and 24/7 customer care, so you can get help whenever, wherever. Fill your creative needs with Depositphotos now!

Get Your DepositPhotos Coupon Codes before They’re Gone Forever!

is one of the stock photo agencies that is more of a catchall than anything else. In other words, if you’re looking for something, chances are they have it. Unlike Stocksy, who focuses on holiday-based photos, DepositPhotos has a little bit of everything. That’s good news for you, because if you’re like most people, DepositPhotos is perfect.

You see, value is what you find at the intersection of price and opportunity. On that note, allow me to ask you a question. If you can find something cheaper than you expected, wouldn’t you just jump at the opportunity? Of course you would. So if you were perusing around for good stock photo agencies, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity of getting something for free? This is where DepositPhotos comes in. DepositPhotos has a special set of coupon codes for new customers for the year 2015. I throw that in there because these coupon codes will not always be around. At the end of the year, DepositPhotos will take these coupon codes down – for good.

Stock Photo Secrets has put together a deal for new customers of DepositPhotos. Stock Photo Secrets is just that – we hold some of the industry’s secrets to getting better deals. By using our link, we’re able to get you up to 35 free photos plus 15 percent off your first purchase. Here’s how it works.

First, you need to visit a special page set up by DepositPhotos for Stock Photo Secrets readers. From there, you’ll see a little yellow button that says, “Register.” Now, before you go too far, you probably noticed that the advertisement specifically says you get five free photos – not 35 free photos. I’ll cover that in a minute. Once you click on register, you’ll be taken to our special landing page where you’ll be invited to sign up for a new account. Once you do, you’ll notice that you’ll have five free credits on your account. Each credit is worth one free photo download!

Now onto the part where I said you can get 35 free photos. When you register for a new account, what you’re signing up for is a seven-day free trial. For the next seven days – including today – you’ll get five free credits per day added to your account. At the end of seven days, you’ll have received 35 free credits. If that doesn’t take you through your next couple of projects, I don’t know what will.

Each credit is good for one royalty-free download. It’s no different as if you purchased the picture. This means that once you download the image, it is good for most of your advertising purposes. Put it on your blog, attach it to an article, or even use it on your website. As it becomes a photo that is tied to your account, you will be able to download the file as often as you see fit. Are you beginning to see the advantage of 35 free photos?

depositlogo-300x48What can you download? DepositPhotos has a library of over 19 million photos divided into 36 distinct categories. Their library is growing every day. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this – you don’t need to compare stock photo agencies by the variety of images they offer. 19 million photos and growing is more than enough to keep any professional busy.

The next part of the coupon is 15 percent off your first purchase. DepositPhotos is so convinced that you will love their service that they offered this discount of their own volition. That means when you’re ready to become a paying customer of DepositPhotos, you’ll find that your first purchase has an additional 15 percent taken off. When you go to their website and play around with their pricing plans, you’ll notice a little green button that says “Buy.” Right next to the little green button you’ll notice that it will say “-15%.” It doesn’t matter what you choose – whether it be a monthly subscription plan for power users or a credit package – it will have the same discount attached. This one small move has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars. The bigger the package you get, the more money you’ll save.

What’s really cool about their plans is that you can buy more credits. What if you don’t need to download 500 images per month? What if you only need 10 images every six months? Their credit packages are a perfect fit for you. You see, when you buy credits, the credits are good for one full year from the date of purchase. If you only need 10 every six months, then purchase 10 credits, and use them as you see fit. If you don’t foresee yourself using them in the next couple of weeks, they will roll over – month after month – until an entire year has passed. What are you waiting for? Get your DepositPhotos coupon codes before they’re gone forever!

Boost Your Productivity With Depositphotos Stock Photos

depositlogo-300x48With any stock photo service, the ability to find what you’re searching for is of paramount importance. Increasing productivity can be a challenge for many people. Indeed, the ability to convey abstract messages through an image seems like a daunting task. Is it possible? Let’s take a look at what terms you can search for through Depositphotos.

Concrete terms, such as a man having a meeting, are easy to find. It is the terms are not concrete that are difficult to convey. These are called abstract terms. What happens when you search DepositPhotos for an abstract term? I chose identity from the first search term. Identity is about who someone is and how we define them. Some of the search results for identity came up. Why showed a man who was holding up a picture of the blank face with a question mark on it in front of his own. Another one showed a face, but it had been edited so the face had no features. When your identity is taken, you may feel like you don’t have a face.


I searched for unity next, and I was not disappointed. The first picture showed for interlocking hands to create a network of sorts. There are many images showing hands and people who were united. I saw interlinking puzzle pieces, interlinks on chains and even the yin-yang symbol.

Third, I searched for common sense. Common sense is a little bit tougher than the others to convey the picture. I did see many pictures with the words, but I also saw some images that were able to express it without using the words common sense. One picture showed the word nonsense and how the pathway avoided it.


I can take any of these words, look up the definition in the dictionary, and spell it out for people. The concept that a picture is worth a thousand words is certainly applicable here. Stock photos have the ability to convey complex ideas without people having to explain in exquisite detail what they are trying to say. When you do that, you introduce a wall of text to users. It is very difficult to keep readers coming back to your blog if all you’re going to use is text. In this sense, not only do you make your text for engaging, but it makes you more productive. You can visit Stock Photo Secrets for depositphotos coupon code 2015.

Buy Photos from Depositphotos like a Pro

depositlogo-300x48Depositphotos is a great place to purchase photos at an affordable price. The photos provided are royalty-free, stock images that are available for purchase, and they can come in handy for many creative pieces. From adding photos to your written content to creating postcards for your loved ones, Depositphotos is the perfect place to shop for any image.

Images Available Through the Site


There are thousands of images to choose from on the site, so you pretty much have the cream of the crop selection at your fingertips. Some of the photos genres that are included are birthday, greeting card, horizon, wildlife, special occasion and so more. While that is a short list of the photos offered, there are many more to choose from. The best part is that there are more photos uploaded all of the time. If you are looking for something specific, give it a little time because it might be uploaded before you know it. With the selection of photo options that is available to customers, you will be able to buy stock photos like a pro.

Available Purchasing Options


DP has four purchasing options available:

  • Monthly Subscription:For one small fee, you can purchase your monthly limit of photos every month. The fee is substantially lower than that charged through other purchasing plans, but the plan may require additional information.
  • Daily Subscription: This plan has costs a little bit more than the monthly plan, but it is great if you are looking for a specific number of photos, and you will not need the service afterwards. Refer to the Terms of Service for any additional information that you may need.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Subscription: With this purchasing plan, the user will purchase a specific number of credits. The credits can be used for redemption of any photo at any time. The credit system is a little more costly than the two previous plans, but it is more cost effective if you only need one photo.
  • Customize Your Package Option: There are no set rules to this method of purchasing. By contacting DP, you will be able to work with them on devising a purchasing plan that is right for you.

With so many different purchasing options, you will be able to easily buy stock photos in a timely and stress-free manor.

Depositphotos Review

Upon using this site, the best Depositphotos review that I can give is that it is an amazing place to buy pictures that will not have any royalty fees connected to them. Since you are purchasing the photos, you are also purchasing the rights to the photos. You will not have to panic if someone asks you where the photo came from because the rights to it will be yours. The site is absolutely amazing for people who wish to buy pictures like a pro.

Their Photoshop Extension

They also have a Photoshop extension which you can check in the following video or here on Youtube.

About the Company

The company was founded in 2009 in Florida. Since then, it has managed to acquire clients from more than 192 countries. There are customer support representatives can direct callers and online chatters to someone who speaks one of 14 common worldwide languages. The company allows clients to buy and sell photos, videos and vector images. With customer satisfaction being their number one priority, the company has many customer satisfaction guarantees and stipulations attached to their site.

Commonly Asked Questions

Some of the more common questions pertain to whether or not cookies should be enabled through the site. Yes, cookies need to be enabled. Another frequently asked question is if a user can have multiple accounts. Users can have two accounts. One account is a purchasing account, and the other account is a selling account. Both accounts are subject to the account’s Terms of Service Agreement.

Depositphotos has a great FAQ page that is easily located on their page. If you have any further question and/or concerns, feel free to take a look. If your question or concern is not addressed there, you are welcome to use the “Live Chat” feature or even give them a call.